25/08/2016 - Nature Comm.
Nanovesicles in predictable shapes
29/08/2016 - ACS Nano
New method to speed up detection of infectious diseases, cancer
29/08/2016 - Nature Materials
Study investigates mechanism of nanomaterial clearance by liver
01/09/2016 - Science
Researchers use microwaves to produce high-quality graphene
01/09/2016 - Science
Nanoporous polyethylene reflects visible sunlight, but allow heat to escape
02/09/2016 - Adv. Mat.
3-D graphene has promise for bio applications
22/02/2016 - Environ. Sci. Nano
Study finds no safety threat from brief exposure to industrial nanoparticles
22/02/2016 - Science Advances
Researchers build nanoscale rotary apparatus using tight-fitting 3D DNA components (w/ Video)
17/02/2016 - PNAS
New hydrogel nanoplatform that identifies and shrinks tumors in mice
17/02/2016 - Nature Nano
Ultrafast microscope used to make slow-motion electron movie
12/02/2016 - Science
Scientists discover electrons moving like honey in graphene
19/01/2016 - MST-DK
Danish Government Finds no Environmental Risk from Common Nanomaterials
25/09/2015 - Science
A carbon nanotube optical rectenna.
25/09/2015 - Nature Comms
New method for building on an atomic scale.
25/09/2015 - Nature Nano.
A different type of 2-D semiconductor.
25/09/2015 - Nature Nano.
Evolving breakthrough nanoparticle Boolean logic network.
16/09/2015 - Rice University
Targeted drug delivery with these nanoparticles can make medicines more effective.
02/09/2015 - Cond. Mat.
Graphene made superconductive by doping with lithium atoms.
25/08/2015 - Science Advances
Research trio outlines ways nanodiamonds are being used to treat cancer.
25/08/2015 - Nature Nano
Quantum dot solar windows go non-toxic, colorless, with record efficiency.
21/08/2015 - ACS Nano.
Scientists grow high-quality graphene from tea tree extract.
20/08/2015 - Nature Nano.
Scientists find possible replacement for platinum as catalyst.
17/08/2015 - Rice University
Nanotube fibers being tested as a way to restore electrical health to hearts.
22/07/2015 - Nature Comms.
Nanomaterials and UV light can "trap" chemicals for easy removal from soil and water.
22/07/2015 - Nature Comms.
Researchers make scalable arrays of 'building blocks' for ultrathin electronics.
22/07/2015 - Science Express.
Simulations lead to design of near-frictionless material.
21/07/2015 - US Navy.
US Navy eyes graphene nanoribbon for ultimate power control system.
20/07/2015 - Nature Nano.
Scientists develop method that creates nanowires with new useful properties.
13/07/2015 - Nature Comms.
Clay sheets stack to form proton conductors.
20/05/2015 - White House.
New Initiatives to Accelerate the Commercialization of Nanotechnology.
21/05/2015 - Nanopro.
What you need to know about the Nanomaterials registers in the European Union.
21/05/2015 - Nature Mat.
Carbon nanotubes and inorganic nanoparticles enhance photosynthetic activity and stability.
18/05/2015 - Nature Nano.
Gel filled with nanosponges cleans up MRSA infections.
18/05/2015 - Eur.Phys.J.D.
Organic nanoparticles, more lethal to tumours.
19/05/2015 - Nature Nano.
Nature inspires first artificial molecular pump.
17/04/2015 - Nature Comms.
Scientists develop method for producing bio-based materials with new properties.
18/04/2015 - ACS Nano.
United States, China team explore energy harvesting.
21/04/2015 - ETH-Zurich.
Simulating electronic nanocomponents for the development and production process.
21/04/2015 - ACS Nano.
Bridging nanotube gaps enhances performance of electronic devices.
22/04/2015 - UCLA.
Team first to model atomic structures of three bacterial nanomachines.
22/04/2015 - ACS Nano.
Nanoparticle drug reverses Parkinsons-like symptoms in rats.
25/03/2015 - Brookhaven
Nanostructure complex materials modeling
25/03/2015 - J. Cont. Rel.
Nanorobotic agents open the blood-brain barrier, offering hope for new brain treatments.
24/03/2015 - Scientific Reports
Tiny bio-robot is a germ suited-up with graphene quantum dots.
24/03/2015 - ACS Nano
New technique could bring quality-control tool for nanocomposites.
23/03/2015 - Nano Letters
New device takes images of lithium battery as it works and recharges.
23/03/2015 - ACS Central Science
Toward a more realistic picture of how molecules move within cells.
19/03/2015 - J. Cont. Rel.
Nano agaisnt Acne.
19/03/2015 - Nature Comms
Scientists watch quantum dots 'breathe' in response to stress.
12/03/2015 - Adv. Opt. Mat.
'Nano-earthquakes' hold key to smarter electronics.
11/03/2015 - Nano Letters
Sweet nanoparticles target stroke.
11/03/2015 - ACS Nano
Silk could be new 'green' material for next-generation batteries.
10/03/2015 - Nano Letters
Hybrid nanowires eyed for computers, flexible displays.
06/03/2015 - Optica
Engineers create chameleon-like artificial 'skin' that shifts color on demand.
06/03/2015 - Science
Robust self-cleaning surfaces that function when exposed to either air or oil.
05/03/2015 - J. Phys Chem Letters
Buckybomb shows potential power of nanoscale explosives.
02/03/2015 - Newscientist
Nanoesferas NIR
25/02/2015 - Alex Thomson Racing
Alex Thomson racing partners with graphene specialist haydale.
24/02/2015 - Cambridge
The European roadmap for graphene science and technology.
23/02/2015 - Nature Chemistry
Building tailor-made DNA nanotubes step by step.
20/02/2015 - Nano Letters
Pen draws flexible circuits using half-meter long carbon nanotube fibers.
20/02/2015 - EPSRC
World-leading SuperSTEM microscope that can see single atoms is unveiled.
19/02/2015 - Nano Letters
Microfluidic diamond sensor: Moving bio particles magnetically.
19/02/2015 - Ang. Chem. Int. Ed.
Free-standing monolayers made from protein-bound gold nanoparticles.
19/02/2015 - Scientific Reports
Shape-shifting groups of nanorods release heat differently.
19/02/2015 - Industrial Biotechnology
Potential toxicity of cellulose nanocrystals examined.
19/02/2015 - Science
Keeping atherosclerosis in-check with novel targeted inflammation-resolving nanomedicines.
18/02/2015 - Ang. Chem. Int. Ed.
Cheap solar cells made from shrimp shells.
18/02/2015 - Scientific Reports
New paper-like material could boost electric vehicle batteries.
09/02/2015 - Nano Letters
Breakthrough may lead to industrial production of graphene devices.
09/02/2015 - Dalton Transactions
Buckyballs offer environmental benefits.
09/02/2015 - PNAS
Nanovectors combine cancer imaging and therapy.
09/02/2015 - CINVESTAV
Scientist develops disposable devices to identify allergies.
09/02/2015 - PNAS
Nano-antioxidants prove their potential.
06/02/2015 - Nano Letters
Precision growth of light-emitting nanowires
06/02/2015 - Ang. Chem Int
Swapping tellurium for sulfur improves light absorption in organic solar cells.
06/02/2015 - Nature Comms
Why 'baking powder' increases efficiency of plastic solar cells.
06/02/2015 - Nanotechnology
Kitchen sponge supercapacitor has many porous benefits.
06/02/2015 - Nature Comms
X-ray pulses uncover free nanoparticles for the first time in 3-D
03/02/2015 - Nanovetores
Nanovetores na ExportaSC
03/02/2015 - Nature Nano
Research team succeeds in building transistors using silicone.
03/02/2015 - PNAS
Penta-graphene - a new structural variant of carbon discovered.
02/02/2015 - Nature Methods
DNA nanoswitches reveal how life's molecules connect.
02/02/2015 - Journal of Materials Research
The quest for efficiency in thermoelectric nanowires.
02/02/2015 - Adv. Func. Mat.
Winding borders may enhance graphene.
02/02/2015 - Environmental Sciences and Technology
Worms lead way to test nanoparticle toxicity.
30/01/2015 - Nature Nanotechnology
Using a single molecule to create a new magnetic field sensor.
29/01/2015 - A-Star
Made-in-Singapore Rapid Test Kit Detects Dengue Antibodies from Saliva.
29/01/2015 - University of Oslo
The nanomedicines of the future will build on quantum chemistry.
28/01/2015 - NUS
Skin-Based Generators Scavenge Muscle Motion to Power Wearables.
07/01/2015 - Science Bulletin
Researchers create novel nanobowl optical concentrator for organic solar cell.
07/01/2015 - Chemical Communications
Brazilian yellow scorpion venom could yield new cancer treatment.
07/01/2015 - ACS Nano
A potential long-lasting treatment for sensitive teeth
07/01/2015 - Nano Letters
Nanowire clothing could keep people warm—without heating everything else.
05/01/2015 - PNAS
Nano “transformers” - DNA origami for biomedical applications (com video).
05/01/2015 - Scientific Reports
Watching nanoscale assembly live - Filming protein fibrillogenesis in real time.
05/01/2015 - Science
Researchers synthesize lead sulfide nanocrystals of uniform size.
05/01/2015 - Nanoscale
'Glowing' new nanotechnology guides cancer surgery, also kills remaining malignant cells
29/12/2014 - PNAS
Detecting extraterrestrial life using mechanical nanosensors.
17/12/2014 - A. Chemie Int.
Chemically driven micro- and nanomotors
16/12/2014 - IMEC
Imec demonstrates broadband graphene optical modulator on silicon
16/12/2014 - ACS Nano
Engineers detect and measure individual DNA molecules using smartphone microscope
15/12/2014 - Science
Fast, accurate new nanoparticle-based sensor system for screening cancer drugs
12/12/2014 - Nano Letters
Magnetic drug delivery method could transform the way deep-tissue tumors and other diseases are treated
11/12/2014 - Nanomed J.
'Trojan horse' proteins are step forward for nanoparticle-based anti-cancer and anti-dementia therapeutic approaches
11/12/2014 - Nano Letters
Stacking two-dimensional materials may lower cost of semiconductor devices
11/12/2014 - Nature Comms
Baby steps towards molecular robots
11/12/2014 - Science
Nanoshaping method points to future manufacturing technology
10/12/2014 - Nano Letters
Contact lens merges plastics and active electronics via 3-D printing
10/12/2014 - Nature Comms
Defects are perfect in laser-induced graphene
09/12/2014 - ACS Nano
Nanotechnology against malaria parasites
09/12/2014 - Nature Comms
Stretchable silicon nanoribbon electronics for skin prosthesis
08/12/2014 - Nanotechnology
Rotating nanotube motors offer glimpse of future Nanodevices
08/12/2014 - ACS Nano
Landmark discovery in gold nanorod instability
08/12/2014 - Nanotechnology
High photosensitivity 2-D-few-layered molybdenum diselenide phototransistors
05/12/2014 - ACS Nano
New technique offers spray-on solar power
04/12/2014 - Fapesc
TNS é contemplada com o Prêmio Stemmer de Inovação Catarinense 2014
04/12/2014 - J. Nano
Curcumin-Loaded Chitosan-Coated Nanoparticles as a New Approach for the Local Treatment of Oral Cavity Cancer
04/12/2014 - J. Bio. Mat
In vitro and in vivo experiments with iron oxide nanoparticles functionalized with DEXTRAN or polyethylene glycol for...
03/12/2014 - RSC Advances
Green meets nano: Scientists create multifunctional gold nanotubes, a nontoxic material
03/12/2014 - NIST
Uniform nanowire arrays for science and manufacturing
03/12/2014 - Nature Comms
Colorful nano-guides to the liver
03/12/2014 - Advanced Materials
Researchers turn gold nanoclusters into 12-sided dodecahedron crystals
02/12/2014 - Nano Letters
Researchers take first pictures of baby nanotubes
01/12/2014 - CELTA
Nanovetores é finalista do Prêmio Nacional de Empreendedorismo Inovador
28/11/2014 - Science
Study shows graphene able to withstand a speeding bullet
27/11/2014 - ACS Nano
Researchers develop multilevel memory for consumer electronics
27/11/2014 - Phys. Rev. Lett.
Scanning tunnelling microscopy: Computer simulations sharpen insights into molecules
26/11/2014 - Nature
Shaping the future of energy storage with conductive clay
26/11/2014 - Nature
Protons fuel graphene prospects
25/11/2014 - Advanced Materials
Breakthrough in flexible electronics enabled by inorganic-based laser lift-off
24/11/2014 - Nature Nano
Cooling with the coldest matter in the world
24/11/2014 - Nature Physics
Magnetic fields and lasers elicit graphene secret
24/11/2014 - University of Cincinnati
Nanoparticles infiltrate, kill cancer cells from within
23/11/2014 - Nano Letters
'Mind the gap' between atomically thin materials
21/11/2014 - Phys
Engineers discover new method to determine surface properties at the nanoscale
21/11/2014 - Science
New 2-D quantum materials for nanoelectronics
19/11/2014 - QD Vision
Quantum-dot technology makes LCD TVs more colorful, energy-efficient
19/11/2014 - ACS Nano
Research team developing injectable treatment for soldiers wounded in battle
18/11/2014 - CIMAV
New nanocomposites for aerospace and automotive industries
18/11/2014 - Phys
When science and art produce nanosculpture marvels
17/11/2014 - Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Graphene / nanotube hybrid benefits flexible solar cells
13/11/2014 - ACS Nano
New way to move atomically thin semiconductors for use in flexible devices
13/11/2014 - Nature Communications
New process isolates promising material molybdenum disulfide
13/11/2014 - ACS Nano
Bio-inspired bleeding control: Researchers synthesize platelet-like nanoparticles that can do more than clot blood
11/11/2014 - Nano Letters
Carbon nanotube film restores light sensitivity to blind retinas
11/11/2014 - Google X
Google is developing disease-detecting magnetic nanoparticles
10/11/2014 - ACS Nano
Team grows uniform nanowires
10/11/2014 - European Physical Journal B
On-demand conductivity for graphene nanoribbons
10/11/2014 - Advanced Materials
Carbon-based nanomaterials could lower cost of solar energy
10/11/2014 - Nature Nanotechnology
A billion holes can make a battery
06/11/2014 - Electronics Letters
A single-sheet graphene p-n junction with two top gates
06/11/2014 - Nano Letters
Researchers create unique graphene nanopores with optical antennas for DNA sequencing
05/11/2014 - ACS Nano
Longhorn beetle inspires ink to fight counterfeiting
05/11/2014 - Nature Nanotechnology
Measuring nano-vibrations
04/11/2014 - Advanced Materials
Better bomb-sniffing technology with new detector material
04/11/2014 - Advanced Materials
Better bomb-sniffing technology with new detector material
31/10/2014 - Nature Comms
A quantum leap in nanoparticle efficiency
31/10/2014 - ACS Nano
Naturally occurring nanoparticles may reveal root causes of Alzheimer's and other diseases
31/10/2014 - Biomaterials
Researchers improve how a peptide can be delivered to the diseased heart tissue of mice via nanotechnology
30/10/2014 - Nature Comms
'Nanomotor lithography' answers call for affordable, simpler device manufacturing
30/10/2014 - Science
Plasmoelectric Effect: New mechanism discovered to convert light into electricity
29/10/2014 - ACS Nano
Microrockets fueled by water neutralize chemical and biological warfare agents
29/10/2014 - Nature Comms
Experts cautious over Google nanoparticle project
29/10/2014 - Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.
Nanosafety research: The quest for the gold standard
27/10/2014 - Scientific Reports
Water, water everywhere: How UV irradiation reversibly switches graphene between hydrophobic and hydrophilic states
27/10/2014 - Nature Nanotechnology
Breakthrough in molecular electronics paves the way for DNA-based computer circuits in the future
27/10/2014 - Nature Comms
New nanodevice to improve cancer treatment monitoring
23/10/2014 - Science
Team reveals molecular structure of water at gold electrodes
22/10/2014 - ACS Nano
NIST offers electronics industry two ways to snoop on self-organizing molecules
21/10/2014 - Rev of Sci. Instr.
Special microscope captures defects in nanotubes
20/10/2014 - Nature Comms
See-through, one-atom-thick, carbon electrodes powerful tool to study brain disorders
20/10/2014 - Nature Comms
Rounded crystals that mimic starfish shells could advance 3-D printing pills
20/10/2014 - Adv. Func. Mat.
Flexible paper electrodes with ultra-high loading for lithium-sulfur batteries
17/10/2014 - ACS Nano
New self-assembly method for fabricating graphene nanoribbons
16/10/2014 - Nature Comms
A simple and versatile way to build 3-dimensional materials of the future
15/10/2014 - Noticenter
Ciser é destaque no 2º Prêmio de Inovação de Joinville
15/10/2014 - Nature
Researchers develop world's thinnest electric generator
14/10/2014 - J. Am. Chem. Soc.
Bio-inspired 'nano-cocoons' offer targeted drug delivery against cancer cells
14/10/2014 - Adv. Funct. Mater.
Graphene proves a long-lasting lubricant
12/10/2014 - Nature Nano
Physicists set new records for silicon quantum computing
12/10/2014 - Nature Materials
Unexpected finding shows nanoparticles keep their internal crystal structure while flexing like droplets
10/10/2014 - Nature Comms
Charged graphene gives DNA a stage to perform molecular gymnastics
09/10/2014 - Science
DNA nano-foundries cast custom-shaped 3-D metal nanoparticles
09/10/2014 - Nature Comms
Nanoparticles get a magnetic handle
09/10/2014 - Nature Comms
Supernanoparticles: Nanoparticles get a magnetic handle
09/10/2014 - Small
Nanoparticle research could enhance drug delivery through skin
08/10/2014 - Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Are We Entering the Nano Era?
08/10/2014 - Nano Letters
'Endless possibilities' for bio-nanotechnology
08/10/2014 - Nano Research
Drug-infused nanoparticle is right for sore eyes
08/10/2014 - J. Am. Chem. Soc
CHESS X-rays show how to grow crystals from crystals
08/10/2014 - Angewandte Chemie
Targeted nanoparticles that combine imaging with two different therapies could attack cancer, other conditions
06/10/2014 - Science
Nanoparticles break the symmetry of light
01/10/2014 - ACS Nano
Cheap hybrid outperforms rare metal as fuel-cell catalyst
01/10/2014 - Nano Letters
Stressed out: Research sheds new light on why rechargeable batteries fail
01/10/2014 - Nature Comms.
Nanoscale heat sources behave differently
01/10/2014 - ACS Nano
'Stealth' nanoparticles could improve cancer vaccines
30/09/2014 - Nano Letters
Blades of grass inspire advance in organic solar cells
30/09/2014 - Biosensors and Bioelectronics
Supersensitive nanodevice can detect extremely early cancers
26/09/2014 - Nature Comms
New technology may lead to prolonged power in mobile devices
24/09/2014 - Naval Research Laboratory
Researchers develop novel method to synthesize nanoparticles
24/09/2014 - Nature Comms
Magnetic field opens and closes nanovesicle
24/09/2014 - European Physical Journal B
Taking advantage of graphene defects
24/09/2014 - ACS Nano
Greener,' low-cost transistor heralds advance in flexible electronics
24/09/2014 - A* Star
Gold nanoparticles linked to single-stranded DNA create a simple but versatile genetic testing kit
24/09/2014 - A* Star
Fabrication route improves the properties of aluminum-based nanocomposites
23/09/2014 - Nanoscale
Scientists grow a new challenger to graphene
17/09/2014 - Nature Comms
Scientists refine formula for nanotube types
17/09/2014 - Phys
A promising light source for optoelectronic chips can be tuned to different frequencies
17/09/2014 - Nature Comms
Bacterial biofilms for production of new self-healing materials and bioprocessing technologies
16/09/2014 - Applied Materials and Interfaces
Nanoribbon film keeps glass ice-free
16/09/2014 - Scientific Reports
Nano engineering advances bone-forming material
14/09/2014 - Nature Materials
Study sheds new light on why batteries go bad
11/09/2014 - Adv Opt Mat
Measuring absorption maps and spectra of plasmonic resonators with nanoscale resolution.
11/09/2014 - ACS
'Human touch' nanoparticle sensor could improve breast cancer detection.
11/09/2014 - Nature Comm
Graphene paints a corrosion-free future.
11/09/2014 - Nano Letters
Researchers create world's largest DNA origami.
10/09/2014 - Ars technica
Researchers create a Maxwell’s demon with a single electron.
10/09/2014 - Phys
Team uses nanotechnology to help cool electrons with no external sources.
10/09/2014 - Nature Photonics
Researchers achieve highest resolution ever with X-ray microscopy.
08/09/2014 - Nano Letters
Phosphorus a promising semiconductor.
08/09/2014 - Nature Comm
Doped graphene nanoribbons with potential.
03/09/2014 - Phys
Breakthrough for carbon nanotube solar cells
03/09/2014 - ACS Nano
Handheld scanner could make brain tumor removal more complete, reducing recurrence
03/09/2014 - ACS Photonics
Ultrafast graphene based photodetectors with data rates up to 50 GBit/s
02/09/2014 - PNAS
Lab unveil new nano-sized synthetic scaffolding technique
29/08/2014 - Angew. Chem
Planet–satellite nanostructures from gold nanoparticles and RAFT star polymers
28/08/2014 - Lab on a chip
Nanoscale production line for the assembly of biological molecules
28/08/2014 - Lab on a chip
Nanoscale production line for the assembly of biological molecules
27/08/2014 - Phys
New analytical technology reveals 'nanomechanical' surface traits
27/08/2014 - Applied Physics Letters
Optical microscope technique confirmed as valid nano-measurement tool
26/08/2014 - Materials Letters
Conductive nanofiber networks for flexible, unbreakable, and transparent electrodes
25/08/2014 - Advanced Materials
Biomimetic photodetector 'sees' in color.
25/08/2014 - J ACS
Catalytic gold nanoclusters promise rich chemical yields.
22/08/2014 - Nano Letters
Scientists fabricate defect-free graphene, set record reversible capacity for Co3O4 anode in Li-ion batteries.
19/08/2014 - Nature Nanotechnology
?alculations with nanoscale smart particles.
18/08/2014 - PNAS
Bacterial nanowires: Not what we thought they were
15/08/2014 - Phys
Attack Ebola on a nanoscale.
14/08/2014 - Adv. Mater. Int.
New nanotech invention improves effectiveness of the 'penicillin of cancer'.
14/08/2014 - Phys
Novel nanovehicle transports drug cocktail to target cancer.
14/08/2014 - Advanced Materials Interfaces
New nanotech invention improves effectiveness of the 'penicillin of cancer'.
11/08/2014 - Phys
Nanodiamond tech lights new path in medical diagnostics.
11/08/2014 - Phys
An inkjet-printed field-effect transistor for label-free biosensing.
08/08/2014 - Nanotechnology
Researchers build first 3D magnetic logic gate.
08/08/2014 - Science
IBM Neurosynapitc System (28 nm Samsung Process Technology).
06/08/2014 - Phys
Anti-counterfeit drug labels.
06/08/2014 - Stanford
Stanford scientists use lasers and carbon nanotubes to look inside living brains.
05/08/2014 - IOP Science
Nova Solução para Armazenamento de Energia baseada em Filtro de Cigarro Usado.
05/08/2014 - Nature Nano
LEDs made from 'wonder material' perovskite.
05/08/2014 - MIT
Nanoscale, biodegradable drug-delivery method could provide a year or more of steady doses.
04/08/2014 - Nano Letters
New material allows for ultra-thin solar cells.
28/07/2014 - Nano Letters
Building 'invisible' materials with light.
24/07/2014 - Phys
Fluid-like behavior new fluid-like behavior for wear in metals.
24/07/2014 - Phys
Graphene and related materials promise cheap, flexible printed cameras.
24/07/2014 - Phys
Cost-effective, solvothermal synthesis of heteroatom (S or N)-doped graphene developed.
23/07/2014 - Nano Research
A crystal wedding in the nanocosmos.
22/07/2014 - ACS Nano
Researchers demonstrate ultrasonically propelled nanorods spin dizzyingly fast.
22/07/2014 - Phys
Scientists use simple, low cost laser technique to improve properties and functions of nanomaterials.
20/07/2014 - Phys
Tiny laser sensor heightens bomb detection sensitivity.
15/07/2014 - Phys
Surrey NanoSystems has "super black" material.
15/07/2014 - Phys
Smallest Swiss cross—made of 20 single atom.
14/07/2014 - Phys
Researchers demonstrate novel, tunable nanoantennas.
13/07/2014 - Phys
Boron 'buckyball' discovered.
13/07/2014 - Phys
From stronger Kevlar to better biology.
08/07/2014 - Phys
New nanoscale cooling element works in electrical insulators as well.
07/07/2014 - Phys
Team uses nanoparticles to enhance chemotherapy.
07/07/2014 - Phys
TThe new atomic age: Building smaller, greener electronics.
06/07/2014 - Phys
'Nanojuice' could improve how doctors examine the gut.
04/07/2014 - Phys
Researchers use aluminum nanostructures for photorealistic printing of plasmonic color palettes.
26/06/2015 - Graphene Flagship
Bosch breakthrough in graphene sensor technology .
30/06/2014 - Phys
X-ray laser gives buckyballs a big kick.
25/06/2014 - Phys
Micro-manufacturing breakthrough is wired for sound.
24/06/2014 - Phys
Nanospheres source of light of clam margin lips.
24/06/2014 - Phys
Metal particles in solids aren't as fixed as they seem, memristor study shows.
23/06/2014 - Phys
Super-stretchable yarn is made of graphene.
23/06/2014 - Phys
Formation of organic thin-film transistors through room-temperature printing
23/06/2014 - Phys
Scientists shoot carbon nanotubes out of high-speed gun (w/ video).
19/06/2014 - Phys
New approach may be key to quantum dot solar cells with real gains in efficiency.
18/06/2014 - ASC Nano
Presence of Nanoparticles in Wash Water from Conventional Silver and Nano-silver Textiles.
17/06/2014 - Phys
Move over, silicon, there's a new circuit in town.
17/06/2014 - Phys
New optical sensors swell when exposed to target gas.
17/06/2014 - Phys
Nanoshell shields foreign enzymes used to starve cancer cells from immune system.
17/06/2014 - Phys
Novel nanoparticle production method could lead to better lights, lenses, solar cells.
16/06/2014 - Phys
How carbon cousins shaped warfare and can electrify the future.
13/06/2014 - Phys
Antibodies from the desert as guides to diseased cells.
12/06/2014 - Phys
Researchers develop method to measure positions of atomic sites with new precision.
11/06/2014 - Phys
Nanotube forests drink water from arid air.
11/06/2014 - Phys
DNA-linked nanoparticles form switchable 'thin films' on a liquid surface.
11/06/2014 - Phys
Sixteen nanometres in 3D obtained with tomography.
10/06/2014 - Phys
Anti-microbial coatings with a long-term effect for surfaces.
09/06/2014 - Phys
Exotic state of matter—a 'random solid solution'—affects how ions move through battery material.
08/06/2014 - Phys
New class of nanoparticle brings cheaper, lighter solar cells outdoors.
06/06/2014 - Ciser
Parceria CISER / UDESC – revestimentos nanoestruturados.
05/06/2014 - Nano Letters
Self-Folding Single Cell Grippers.
04/06/2014 - Phys
2D transistors promise a faster electronics future.
04/06/2014 - Nature Communications
Molecular self-assembly scales up from nanometers to millimeters.
03/06/2014 - Nano Werk
Personalized protein coronas result in different therapeutic or toxic impacts of identical nanoparticles.
02/06/2014 - Nature Communications
Researchers create nanoparticle thin films that self-assemble in one minute.
02/06/2014 - Phys
Nanotechnology takes on diabetes.
30/05/2014 - Phys
First-ever high-resolution images of a molecule as it breaks and reforms chemical bonds.
28/05/2014 - Phys
New breed of solar cells: Quantum-dot photovoltaics set new record for efficiency in such devices.
28/05/2014 - Phys
Flexible, transparent thin film transistors raise hopes for flexible screens.
28/05/2014 - Phys
Nanodaisies deliver drug cocktail to cancer cells.
27/05/2014 - Phys
Google Glass and Apple iWatch inspire carbon nanotube fiber batteries.
25/05/2014 - Nature Materials
Scientists find stronger 3-D material that behaves like grapheme.
22/05/2014 - Carbon Nitride
New graphene-type material created.
22/05/2014 - Phys
Researchers find a way to integrate two two-dimensional materials into a single electronic device.
22/05/2014 - Applied Physics Letters
Resonant energy transfer from quantum dots to graphene.
20/05/2014 - Nature Communications
Bionic particles self-assemble to capture light.
19/05/2014 - Finep
Nanovetores se destaca com tecnologia de ponta para o setor de cosméticos.
13/05/2014 - Phys
Properties of water at nanoscale will help to design innovative technologies.
13/05/2014 - Phys
MEMS nanoinjector for genetic modification of cells.
13/05/2014 - Phys
Multilayer nanofibre face mask helps to combat pollution.
13/05/2014 - Phys
Transistors that wrap around tissues: New implanted devices may reshape medicine.
12/05/2014 - Engineering
Future Medicine happening now – Surgical Nanorobots.
12/05/2014 - Phys
Nanostructures to facilitate the process to eliminate organic contaminants in water.
09/05/2014 - Phys
Solar cells based on stacked textile electrodes for integration into fabrics.
08/05/2014 - Nature Communications
Multifunctional nanoparticles for cheaper, cleaner biofuel.
07/05/2014 - Letter
Novo tipo de DNA com mais letras - A semi-synthetic organism with an expanded genetic alphabet.
06/05/2014 - Phys
New antibacterial fabric could revolutionise infection control
06/05/2014 - ACS
Molecularly Stretchable Electronics.
04/05/2014 - Elsevier
Liver-like device, via 3-D printer.
04/05/2014 - Nature Nano
Nanoscale temperature measurements using non-equilibrium Brownian dynamics of a levitated nanosphere.
24/04/2014 - Nature Communications
Novidade, Grafeno pode quebrar!
25/04/2014 - Phys
World's smallest magazine cover measures 11 x 14 micrometers (w/ Video).
25/04/2014 - Phys
Molybdenite diodes that can emit light or absorb it to produce electricity.
24/04/2014 - Phys
Tiny magnetic DNA particles protect olive oil from counterfeiters.
22/04/2014 - Spectrum
Nanometer-Scale Magnet Makes Tiny, Powerful MRI.
16/04/2014 - Acij
Sinergia para estimular soluções baseadas em nanotecnologia – API.nano.
15/04/2014 - JACS
Flexible Three-Dimensional Nanoporous Metal-Based Energy Devices
14/04/2014 - Nano Letters
Ultra-sensitive nano-chip capable of detecting cancer at early stages developed.
06/04/2014 - Nano Letters
Flexible all-carbon electronics integrated onto plants, insects, and more.
04/04/2014 - ACS Nano
Restaurando a função do Fígado.
06/03/2014 - ACSnano
Light Generation and Harvesting in a van der Waals Heterostructure.
17/02/2014 - J. Nanotechnology
Nanocatalysis: Academic Discipline and Industrial Realities
28/01/2014 - ACSnano
Near-Ideal Optical Metamaterial Absorbers with Super-Octave Bandwidth
31/10/2013 - Phys
Researchers discover nanoparticles can be fabricated using Leidenfrost drops (w/ Video).
31/10/2013 - Phys
Defective nanotubes turned into light emitters.
30/10/2013 - Primeira Via
A cara da inovação.
28/10/2013 - Phys
Public wants labels for food nanotech-and they're willing to pay for it.
28/10/2013 - Phys
Unique nano carrier targets drug delivery to cancer cells.
28/10/2013 - Phys
Using genetic algorithms to discover new nanostructured materials.
25/10/2013 - Science
Stabilizing Liquid Drops in Nonequilibrium Shapes by the Interfacial Jamming of Nanoparticles.
23/10/2013 - Phys
New and verified computer model improves machining of nanoscale semiconductor parts for the electronics industry.
23/10/2013 - Nature
A general strategy for the DNA-mediated self-assembly of functional nanoparticles into heterogeneous systems.
20/10/2013 - Phys
'Mix and match': Mixing nanoparticles to make multifunctional materials.
09/10/2013 - Forbes
Nanotech Breakthrough Enables Manipulation Of Light.
20/08/2013 - Agência Brasil
Governo vai investir R$ 440 milhões em nanotecnologia
16/06/2013 - Forbes
IBM Develops Anti-MRSA Nanotechnology
15/04/2013 - Forbes
Nanotech Scientist Creates Waterproof, Magnetic, Antibacterial Paper
05/03/2013 - Forbes
Nanotechnology: Expanding Clean Energy and Easing Fuel Shortages.
11/11/2010 - IOPScience
Organic photovoltaics: principles and techniques for nanometre scale characterization.
14/04/2010 - IOPscience
Plasma nanotechnology: past, present and future.
08/03/2010 - IOPscience
A solution processed top emission OLED with transparent carbon nanotube electrodes